Daniela Roggeri was born in Alessandria (Italy) in 1953.
From 1972 to 1976 she collaborated with the Graphic Studio of Armando Ceste in Turin.
She graduated from the Art School of Florence in 1977.
In 1978 she enrolled in the Architecture Master in Florence but she decided not to finish her studies and to acquire instead a captain’s sailing license and embark on voyages throughout the seas.
She also wrote and took photographs for the The Sixth Continent Magazine.

Daniel Joffe was born in Genoa (Italy) in 1949.
He graduated from the Classic Studies High School in Genova in 1970.
Afterwards he enrolled in the Philosophy and Political Science Master at the University of Genoa.
In 1974 he moved to Milan to work as manager for the “Petersburg Press” in Italy.
He organized the exhibition of the graphic works of Jim Dine at “Palazzo dei Diamanti” in Ferrara, the first personal of Moebius in Milano and he published the collection of posters “Hommage to Brera” and organized the exhibition of the original drawings at the Art Deco Museum, Louvre in Paris.
He published the Art Book “Della Pazzia” by Roberto Sambonet. He also collaborated with Jean-Michel Folon for his “Kite Book”.

In 1979 Daniela and Daniel embarked for Africa and visited the continent on foot for two years. At that time Daniela worked for a while as a graphic designer for “Agip” in Congo.

In 1982 they got married in Gaiole in Chianti (Italy), where their first child was born, followed by a second one in 1984 in Naharya (Israel).

Aftwards they decided to create an artistic project made by toys, inspired by legends and literature of the various countries they visited, whose aims is to enforce the communication between different cultures.

They showed their work in the harbors of Rodos, Malta, Minorca, France and Crete.

After many stays in the harbor of Akko, they became Israeli citizens in 1995.
Since then they have been showing and selling their work at the Midrahov in Nahalat Byniamin in Tel Aviv.