Big version with the combinations on the side

Can you make a square so that not only the rows,columns and diagonals add to 34,
but also the 4 corner numbers,
the 4 central numbers
and each of the 2×2 corner squares add to 34?

who was Albrecht Dürer

A Magic square is a grid where the sum of the numbers in each line, each column and the two diagonals is the same. In this case 34. Durer engraved this magic square in Melancholia. His square is even more magical by all of the other combinations that can sum up to 34.

Ed Brumgnach on Magic Squares and Masonic Cipher

Look at how many 34 combinations can be made.

The Magic Squares all together: The Emperor’s Turtle and The 26

Hommage to Albrecht Durer

Durer magic square

tek wood

17 x 13 x 5 cm.

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