Toys designed from books and legends, and powered by sustainable energy such as wind, heat, gravity and feelings.
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    You are welcome to visit us

    Every Tuesday & Friday

    on the midrahov of Nachlat Binyamin,

    from 10:00 to 18:00

    the market opens in the center of Tel Aviv,
    Our stand is located at Nachlat Binyamin 18

    About The Midrahov:

    Nachlat Binyamin is a fascinating tale of art and artists. The story
    of arts struggle with ignorance; a unique artistic idea that grew out
    of a simple pedestrian area located in one of Tel Aviv’s oldest
    neighborhoods. Set against a backdrop of beautiful historic buildings
    dating back to the early 1900’s, Nachlat Binyamin is more than a
    mere arts and crafts market, it’s a whole event that occurs twice a
    week in the heart of Tel Aviv

    With more than 250 stalls, Nachlat Binyamin is the largest
    event of its kind in Israel and possibly in the world.

    Unlike other markets, all of the art exhibited
    and sold at Nachlat Binyamin is handmade.

    Each individual artist produces his or her own work
    and then sells it at Nachlat Binyamin.

    Paints, paper and plastic, glass, wood, clay and metals
    are sculpted, modeled, dyied and tied, drawn and forged into a
    kaleidoscope of colors, exquisite jewelry, useful objects
    and decorative art that make up Nachlat Binyamin.

    The Story of Nachlat Binyamin:

    Until 1987, Nachlat Binyamin was just another dusty street
    close to the Carmel market, a thoroughfare for market
    shoppers laden with baskets of fruit and vegetables.

    The passing crowds knew vegetables not art.

    In 1987 the area was earmarked to become a pedestrian area.
    But the architectural potential of the place
    turned the broad walk into an animated festival, creating
    a display window for art in the daily environment.

    In the first year artists gathered themselves, and by the third year,
    they were queuing up to join the festival.
    With no funds or financial support, street performers
    gave their first performances for free, out of love and
    belief in the spirit of Nachlat Binyamin.

    And so it remained. In addition to the hundreds of stalls lining the
    midrachov street performers provide plenty of sideline entertainment.

    Musicians, mime artists, puppeteers
    and magicians take to the streets every week
    adding another dimension to the festival spirit.