The landing Barn owl

This is a balancing toy inspired by a landing barn owl. Handpainted on wood. Learn about the barn owl: Other toys depicting the owl: La ChouetteThe flying Barn owl Look at our catalog

Devil’s Bridge

DEVIL’S BRIDGE. Inspired by the model of the bridge Codex Atlanticus designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1487. Legend has it that one day the Master Builder creates a bridge robust, simple and well done. Word spread that only with supernatural help this wonderful work could be built. In return, the manufacturer had promised the … Read more

Escape from Alcatraz

Help a prisoner escape, modify the position of the 5 pieces. By trying you will recreate a square with the same dimensions. But surprise a hole will appear, so that the prisoner finds the way out. Modifica la posizione dei 5 pezzi, provando potrai ricreare un quadrato delle dimensioni uguali, ma sorpresa scoprirai un buco … Read more

Voyage dans la lune & The mad hatter tea party

A trip to the moon   ‘It’s the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life!’ Nevertheless you are there and you have to make the Mad Hatter and the March Hare transform their hats in tea-cups by sending them inside the slots on the table. The two players choose who to be, … Read more


LA FOTOSINTESI CLOROFILLIANA Questo gioco e’ un omaggio alla VERDE FOGLIA che con l’aiuto della LUCE SOLARE, cattura 6 molecole di biossido di carbonio, CO2, le combina con 6 molecole di acqua, H2O, per fabbricarsi una grossa molecola di glucosio, C6H12O6, di cui la pianta si nutre e libera nell’aria 12 atomi di ossigeno, per … Read more

The Eighth of March

Hommage a Mikhaìl Boulgakov. “Marguerite,d’un bond, enfourcha le balai et s’envola dans la rue suivie par le tourbillon effréné de la valse” “Le sol,jusqu’alors obscur et confus,montait vers elle,et elle découvrait les beautés secrètes de la terre au clair de lune.” Look at our catalog